Prices are 50$ per 30 round magazine with ammunition included. 

Guns Available: Full auto Rock RIver ar15, 3 Burst bushmaster ar15

Submachinegun Experience

Prices are 45$ per 25 Round magazine with ammunition included. 

Guns available: CZ Scorpion singel, 3 burst, full auto

Add a Suppressor

Suppressor rental is 50$ for rifle and 50$ for Subgun. 

Suppressed 22 experience

Perfect for kids and adults alike 50$ gets you a 50 round box of ammo and a suppressed pistol or rifle not full auto

Exploding targets 1/2lb 7$ each

Clear Ballistic Gel block 150$ and is yours to keep. 

All experiences are hands on with instructor. No refunds. 200$ minimum with private range. 6 person max per hour. suppressors are dead air sandman K, Dead air Ghost 45, & aac 22 suppressor. Rubber & paper targets set up to your liking. 


Location: Ponder Texas

at any time you are deemed unsafe or disrespectful to weapon, property, or instructor you will be escorted off property with no refund. all money is paid in full in advance. cash only. 13 years and older when accompanied by legal guardian. 18 years or older otherwise. 

Call or text 

Cody Pierson: 940-391-2814



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